Taking Child Out-of-State

Family Law attorney Vanessa Childs represents both Oregon and out-of-state residents in divorce and child custody matters. We understand the intricacies of the overlapping laws relating to divorce, child custody, and modifications.

Moving Out-of-State With a Child

Before a parent with a custody-sharing agreement can move out-of-state with his or her child, the move away must be approved by the court. A number of factors are considered, including:

  • The reason for the move
  • The distance away from the other parent
  • The impact on the child

Whether you are looking to move with your child, or you wish to prevent your child from moving out-of-state with their other parent, we can explain your legal rights and options.

Portland Joint Custody Attorneys

Can a custodial parent leave the state of California with a child after divorce? Generally speaking, the answer is yes if a parent is able to show a good faith basis for the relocation as defined in relevant case and statutory law.

Out-of-State Clients

We can represent non-California residents in California legal proceedings. If you are a parent who is dealing with a child custody issue, and your child is living in California with his or her other parent, we can do whatever is needed to assist you. Similarly, if you are living out-of-state but are involved in a California divorce, we can help. Contact Family Law Vanessa Childs for more information.

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