I’m in a World of Hurt! – I’ve Been Served Papers!

February 10, 2011

Being Served Legal Papers Can be Traumatic If you are fortunate enough to make it through life without ever being served legal papers, you are doing something right!  There was a bumper sticker craze years ago – the stickers read: “S__t Happens.”  Well, from a Lawyer’s vantage point:  “Life Happens!” People are served papers every […]

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One Divorce Attorney Cannot Represent Two People

February 2, 2011

Most Family Law attorneys get the occasional phone call from the client who claims that their divorce is going to be simple and want the attorney to represent both sides. Unfortunately, there are two fundamental problems with this idea. First, there is no such thing as a “simple” divorce. Ending a marriage is complicated. Second, one attorney can never […]

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I am Behind on Unpaid Child Support BIG TIME!

January 16, 2011

States Get Tough – No Matter the Economy To attempt to clamp down on the mushrooming amount of unpaid child support, many states have passed laws that allow for interest and fees to be added to delinquent child support accounts. Given the state of the economy, especially here in Portland, and the inability of many to […]

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Kids Holidays Schedule For Divorced Parents

January 4, 2011

During the holiday seasons many spouses who have split up begin the “fight” regarding who gets the kids, for how long and when. In California, if you have a court ordered holiday schedule, the holiday schedule will supersede your regular schedule. Most courts define kids “holidays” as the day the children are released from school […]

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